Hey there, I’m Sophie Bigo, Graphic Designer and photographer.


10 years of graphic design taught me how to highlight feelings and emotions from a simple image. 
As an Art Director, I love to create scenes and atmosphere.

Behind the Camera, I want to catch your heart, that little dimple that you only have when you feel confident, this "petit je ne sais quoi" that your partner loves so much… Those little details that make you so unique.

But it's also about memories. That amazing view you had from the rooftop of your "Riyad" during your vacations in Morocco - The one you were able to watch for hours without any phones between the sky and your eyes - . The whole family portrait - without wondering who is gonna take the picture - in the south of France…
All those moment you need to live for real.
Picture are just a reminder…


MeCercle.jpg © Benjamin Hoffélé

I will be your shadow during your day, your trip, your week…
I aim to be invisible to you, and make your pictures unforgettable to your friends and family.

Because happiness is savouring every single moment.
Because every minute counts. 

Live life the fullest.
I'll be there
to capture it.