On the road to Boudhanath, we took the cab for 30mn of trafic jam.
Follow us!


And here we are, to one of the biggest Stupa in Nepal!

Walking around the Stupa, we’d met numerous Tibetan Buddhist monks. To follow the ritual, we wrote our “mantras” and walked around the stupa while repeating it in our heads. At the same time, shops around were spreading out loud the most famous mantra 'Om Mani Padme Hum'. Boudha (Boudhanath) is a fascinating and a very spiritual area. 

We’ve decided, as usual, to go a bit out of the Dubar square and we discovered another Boudha, surrounded by many people turning prayer wheels.

Still walking we’ve met people praying, begging, playing, resting… Everyone from monks to nuns, rich to poor, dogs looking for shadow, is welcome to the largest Buddhist stupa in the world.

Lost in those streets, we wandered looking for something to eat and finally found broiled peas! Yummy!

And on a corner, hiding behind scaffolding, while we were looking for the national art school, another wonderful temple!

Can’t get enough of that Stupa… We went back to enjoy it at the fullest… Sunset time. We even received a benediction from the monk for our Trek!… (And his What’sAp number 🙈😂)

What a spiritual day!