Trek is over, our legs hurt and we walk weirdly but it’s fun to see!
Each stair we cross seems to be another mountain 😂.
It’s time for us to start another adventure! 1 day of local bus, to go to the south in the small village of Sauraha, crossing rice fields and Nepalese working under the rain.

36°C, it’s hot and wet, the view is so different from Pokhrara!

Here we take a dugout to enter the first national park in Nepal. It was established in 1973 and granted the status of a World Heritage Site in 1984! Beware of crocodiles!

Out of the pirogue, our guide is explaining to us how we should react if a wild elephant, a rhinoceros or a tiger happened to attack us! Freaky!

After 3 hours walk, on the road for a Jeep safari to meet deers, monkeys, birds, snakes, iguana, rhinoceros and crocodiles.

Go back to the hotel, a huge storm starts and i’s time for us to go to sleep… under the dog barking 😂
Good night!